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Painting Services

For a quote, please contact us with your requirements at info@mandertory-miniatures.co.uk and we’ll be happy to quote you a price.   

We are happy to paint any miniatures you need from whole armies to individual one off pieces in any scale.Please note we pride ourselves on quality work, so we only work to the one standard of painting- this standard is suitable not only for gaming pieces but also as display cabinet pieces.Prices include basing and any banners required. 

 All our transactions are done through Paypal. We invoice for half the cost of the job upon commencement, the out standing amount is then due on completion of the job.


Email Address

What do you need painting?

Number of figures? - Please break down into types (Cavalry/Infantry/Artillery/Vehicles etc)

Any specific regimental requirements/other requirements?

Do the miniatures need assembling?

Do the miniatures need basing?

Any other information?